• APTA advocates for federal legislative and regulatory issues impacting the physical therapy profession. Our goal is to promote the physical therapy profession within the health care system, while ensuring access to care for patients.

    The national issues webpages are designed to provide information for policy makers on legislation and regulations impacting physical therapy and the patients it serves at the federal level. This webpage will be updated regularly with the latest information on hot topics affecting the profession.

    APTA's Public Policy Priorities

    • Medicare Therapy Cap

      APTA believes that a full repeal of the therapy cap is necessary to ensure patients have access to timely and appropriate care. With discussion of reform of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) ramping up, APTA is calling on Congress to also address permanent repeal of the therapy cap as part of the SGR package.

    • Fraud and Abuse

      APTA has launched Integrity in Practice, a comprehensive campaign to promote high quality of care. It does so by helping physical therapists navigate complex regulations and payment systems and by making tools and resources available for physical therapists to encourage and promote evidence-based practice; ethics; professionalism; prevention of fraud, abuse, and waste; and more.

    • Reduce Opioid Use Through Increased Access to Physical Therapy

      APTA has long emphasized that physical therapy is a safe and effective alternative to prescription medication for the treatment of chronic pain. Current policies creates barriers for patients seeking physical therapist treatment. To end America's opioid epidemic, several policies must change.

    • Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2015

      Under current law (in many states), sports medicine professionals who travel from their home state (primary) to a secondary state do not receive the liability coverage they would in the primary state. This issue creates a serious problem for physicians, physical therapists (PTs), and athletic trainers as they move across state lines to attend sporting events with teams that employ them.

    • Small Business Issues

      Many physical therapists work in a private practice or small business setting. Issues like locum tenens and Medicare private contracting allow greater access to physical therapy services, while reducing burdens on providers.

    • Physical Therapy Workforce Legislation

      APTA strongly supports legislation that would authorize physical therapists to participate in student loan forgiveness programs such as the National Health Service Corps, ensuring patient access to essential physical therapy services.

  • Last Updated: 1/27/2017
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